TrendTheVote Polls Public Awareness & Campaign Partners aka TTV provides a clear and audited solution to the landscape in the political arena of polling data. For too many years polls have been biased and/or “slanted” in one direction or another through human or third party bias.

TrendTheVote offers a solution to get your message and your Campaign in front of the voter.

TrendTheVote provides audited polls using data targeted by age, district, marital status or income.Polls are used by Candidates every day to track popularity of a specific candidate and to determine public opinion on an issue or topic. TrendTheVote can tailor a specific poll to a specific demographic and in the process of polling actually “Trend The Vote” by making voters aware of specific issues and candidates they may have not previously known.

  • Increase Public Awareness
  • Broaden Public Opinion
  • Boost Media Exposure
  • Maximum Outreach Cost Effectively
  • Target Special Demographics

No other company provides the level of excellence in comprehensive public awareness campaign management like Trend the Vote. Our bilingual and professional pre-election poll surveys by phone provide a ‘short and sweet’ presentation and description to voters about a candidate of a municipal, state, or federal election. Our results from audited survey data are available for public and private use.