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Politics #1 Twitter, News & Social Media

Our bilingual & professional pre-election poll surveys by phone provide a short and sweet’ presentation and description to voters. Our results from audited survey data are available for public and private use.

Used by Candidates of Municipal, State, & Federal elections to Reach Potential Voters via the Newswires, Twitter & Facebook platform daily by sharing content  in order to achieve your Campaign Marketing and Branding Goals.


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Daily Tweets


Social media marketing, in particular Twitter, has become a powerful marketing tool for Candidates.  Whether you are running locally for elected office, Statewide or at the Federal level Trend The Vote can assist you maximize your exposure to potential voters both existing and new.

Our range of Twitter promotion services will market your campaign to our large network of followers which is quickly expanding hourly.  We also GEO Target followers in your targeted area of potential voters

Whatever office you are seeking to be elected to, whether you are new or established, big or boutique, we can get your audience to prosper very quickly. The reach you can gain for your campaign and platform is magnificent. In fact, your business will suddenly become visible to over 1,865,419 combined followers.

To put it simply, we tweet for you. We do this through our own Twitter account by including your @twittername and message in each tweet.

Simply tell us what you’d like your tweets to be about and we’ll tweet this info to our 1,865,419  followers


Choose a service

Choose from our range of #SocialMedia #Marketing #Viral services

Choose from our pay-as-you-go services, or save with a Monthly recurring service

We schedule the Tweets to run on our Twitter account @ViralExposureCo with 0ver 715,419 Followers and growing,

Use our automated form to complete your online order OR send us the Tweets and images by email, we will schedule them to start within 24-48 hours

You simply compose your messages and we will Tweet them to our Combined Network of  up over 1,865,419+ followers every day for the duration of your service

Secure Payments

Our state of the art automated system gets your campaign Viral Exposure within minutes that you make a purchase and complete the online form.

We process ALL Major Credit cards online and accept Paypal.

We do have alternate methods of payment just let us know which you prefer;

Western Union,
Interac eMail Transfer (Canada Only)

eMail us for Alternate payment details at viralmgroup@gmail.com

You can also contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Twitter Promotion

All we need is some Tweets about your business that includes your @twittername

We recommend having a link to your website &/or Youtube Video in each Tweet

We can add images to each Tweet. 1 image per Tweet depending on the package you choose

The Tweets are spaced out throughout the day and run from 8am – 10pm or any hour you prefer.

Add #hashtags (up to 6) & Keywords (up to 6) for additional Exposure!

NOW Includes Facebook Group 350,000+ with every order!


Pay-As-You-Go Services
  • Bronze Exposure Package
    Already Have a Website Facebook & Twitter
  • $299
  • (5 Tweets a day for 30 days = 150 Tweets)
  • 1-2 images per tweet
  • 100 GEO Targeted Tweets a day
    Select up to 5 Targeted Keywords
  • Post to 350,000+ Facebook Group
  • change the tweets every 15 days (optional)

    Reach 1,531,000+ Twitter

  • Silver Exposure Package
    Month Online Presence Package
  • $899
  • Everything in the Bronze Package +
  • Website: News ~ Donate ~ Platform ~ Contact ~ Issues ~ Bio ~ Other (7 pages)
  • Create &/or Grow Facebook Page to 500+ Followers
    Create &/or Grow Twitter Page to 500+ Followers
  • Unique Domain Name (http://custom.com)
  • Custom email address x 2 (name@custom.com)
    Fast Website Hosting
  • Gold Exposure Package
    1 Month Advanced Social Media Package
  • $1599
  • Everything in the Silver & Bronze Package +
  • 4 x Regional Press Release
    4 x Press Release Writen/Edited
    Grow Facebook Page 250+ New Followers
    Grow Twitter Page 250+ New Followers
  • + Featured on our High Traffic Website
  • Add’l 500 Local Twitter Geo Targeted Tweets
    SEO Marketing
  • up to 5 question Election Poll / Survey
Monthly Subscription Services

Our new monthly subscription services gives you more exposure for less
Setup a monthly subscription with PayPal. You will be billed monthly for your service
You can cancel the subscription anytime from your PayPal account

  • Bronze Exposure Package – Monthly
  • $299
  • (5 Tweets a day for 30 days = 150 Tweets)
  • 1-2 images per tweet
  • —–
  • Post to 83,500+ Facebook Group ~self
  • Reach 1,531,000+ Twitter
  • change the tweets every 15 days (optional)
  • Silver Exposure Package – Monthly
  • $899
  • (7 Tweets a day for 30 days = 210 Tweets)
  • 1-2 images per tweet
  • —–
  • Post to 83,500+ Facebook Group ~self
  • Reach 1,844,000+ Twitter
  • change the tweets every 15 days (optional)
  • Gold Exposure Package – Monthly
  • $1599
  • (10 Tweets a day for 30 days = 300 Tweets)
  • 1-3 images per tweet
  • + Featured on our High Traffic Website
  • Post to 83,500+ Facebook Group ~self
  • Reach 2,865,419 + Twitter
  • change the tweets every 15 days (optional)

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